Sea freight forwarder: we transport what you want worldwide

Roona International Transport is a specialized ocean freight forwarder. As a specialist in sea transport, we transport what you want worldwide. We collect and deliver your raw materials, parts, machines and products, anywhere in the world. After all, Europe is not the end of the world, there can be opportunities and possibilities for you everywhere.

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Why do you choose sea freight forwarder Roona?

  • short lines, so few expensive intermediaries
  • worldwide transportation
  • knowledge of global rules and regulations
  • we also provide pre and post transport by road
  • both complete sea containers and groupage containers
  • we unburden you with all formalities, documents, customs and insurance

Rules and regulations for sea transport

Sea freight has its many own rules and regulations. We know the maritime laws and regulations and ensure that your sea transport meets all these requirements.

Cost savings through short lines for sea transport

Thanks to our knowledge and experience and our excellent logistics network, we can do business directly with shipping companies. For example, the lines are short, you have one single point of contact and we can skip various cost-increasing intermediaries. This saves you considerable time and freight costs.