We unburden you completely in storage and transshipment

As a complete logistics service provider, we also provide warehousing and transshipment for your goods and products in addition to transport. We unburden you completely in storage and transshipment. You don't have to worry about it so you can fully concentrate on your core activities.

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temperature-controlled warehousing and transshipment space in Emmen

Storage and transshipment take place at Roona International Transport at our storage and transshipment location at Magelhaenstraat on business park Bargermeer in Emmen. This location is heated and can be flexibly divided. You can contact us at the following storage and transshipment services:

  • stripping and stuffing of sea containers
  • order picking
  • (re) packaging of goods
  • preparing goods for shipment
  • archive storage
  • general storage of goods

Advantages of storage and transshipment by Roona

  • save on storage costs
  • all facilities available
  • advice and guidance by logistics specialists
  • we deliver very quickly from your storage space
  • fits seamlessly with our other logistics services